Wish List


In addition to our wish list items, we welcome volunteers and in-kind donations.


Goods or Services

The COVE welcomes in-kind donations, including used computer or video equipment and software, office supplies, printing services, and catering services for our fundraising events.


If you or your organization wish to help with any of these needs, feel free to contact us.

Donate a Dollar!  No donation is too small or too big! Our WISH LIST below provides a quick peak at what your donation can provide.

Donate to cover one item on our Wish List

$875   Sponsors one teen for an Intensive Summer Program (f/t, 4-days a week)

$600   Sponsors one teen for a 20-week Fall Program

$585   Rehabs the pool table in our recreation area

$400   Purchases video games/Play Station for recreational use

$350   Covers a group cultural day trip aka an “Exposure” Learning Experience

$300   Sponsors one teen for a 10-week Summer program

$250   Provides snacks and water for our regular Summer Program

$200   Purchases a 4x8 Corkboard  

$175   Covers transportation for an “Exposure” Learning Experience

$  85   Covers the cost of a green screen

$  75   Provides one teen a backpack filled with school supplies

$  50   Covers the cost of lenses, battery packs and equipment bags

$  40   Covers the cost of two cue sticks for our recreational pool table

$  35   A magazine subscription for one year

$  25   Covers a few USB ports for our computers

$  20   Board games to play on rainy days or with mentors on Saturdays

$  15   Cost of a memory card (or two)

$    5   Gives us hope that The COVE doors will always remain open!

$    1   Supports your belief in the power of our community and youth!


Make an online contribution today by clicking on the PayPal Donate button below.




Or simply purchase a book for our Library...our Book Wish List can be found on Amazon.


The Knox Gates Neighborhood Association (KGNA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, supported by private foundations, corporations, and individuals who value the power and promise of our youth and the difference The COVE is making for them and our community. All contributions made to the Knox Gates Neighborhood Association/The COVE are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law and will be acknowledged in writing.