One can say The COVE is the best kept secret in the Bronx...many good things have been said about us! (Click on links for articles, scroll down for older articles.)


NORWOOD NEWS, August 17, 2014: On 25th Anniversary, The COVE Thanks Community


NORWOOD NEWS, August 8, 2014: The COVE Celebrates 25 Years with Block Party Blowout


NORWOOD NEWS, May 16, 2014: The COVE Celebrates 25 Years


THE BRONX CHRONICLE, May 8, 2014: Help Save The COVE Arts Program In Norwood


BRONX IDEALIST, May 2, 2014: Keep The COVE in Knox Gates! 


BRONX IDEALIST, March 2, 2014: Come Celebrate The COVE's 25th Anniversary!


NORWOOD NEWS, April 2011: Local Teens Master Their Trade


NORWOOD NEWS, February 11, 2010: Youth Haven Back With Renewed Focus by Hannah Drier


NORWOOD NEWS, November 6, 2003:  A Close-Knit Community Mourns Murdered Teen By Heather Haddon


NORWOOD NEWS, April 10, 2003: An Alternative to the Streets Becomes a Great Deal More by James Fanelli


NORWOOD NEWS, March 28, 2002: Meeting on Parkway Safety by Meaghan Dolan


NORWOOD NEWS, May 6, 1999: 400 Rally Against Plant by Jordan Moss


NORWOOD NEWS, June 5, 1997:  COVE Thrives as Veteran Members Return to Guide It by Amy Radil


NORWOOD NEWS, October 10, 1994: Teens Renovate Haven, Discuss its Meaning by Jennie D'Amato


NORWOOD NEWS, January 1993: Neighborhood Hero: David McKenzie by Juan Rodriguez


NORWOOD NEWSAugust 8, 1989: COVE Teens Tout Their Champion by Angie Cruz


NEW YORK TIMES, April 30, 1989: Week in Review


NEW YORK TIMES, April 30, 1989: THE REGION: Making a Difference, Block by City Block by Kathleen Teltsch


NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, February 17, 1988: Honor for Knox-Gates by John Lewis


NEW YORK TIMES, August 11, 1987: On a Remembered Street by A.M. Rosenthal